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4 others in hospital with severe injuries

SOURCE  Written by Kevin Robinson for the Pensacola News Journal

One boater was killed and four more were badly injured in a high-speed accident in the Santa Rosa Sound on Saturday afternoon, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

A 42-foot speedboat carrying five people was traveling at high speed in the waters south of Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze at about 2:30 p.m. when it hit a wave and went airborne, Lt. Douglas Berryman of the Fish and Wildlife Commission said. The boat shattered into pieces upon landing.

One person was killed and four others were taken to a hospital for treatment. Berryman said the identities of the people and the cause of the wreck still were being investigated.

“Every person involved is in pretty bad shape,” he said. “It’s gonna take us a while to put it all together.”

Members of the Gulf Breeze Police Department, the Coast Guard and Gulf Breeze Fire and Rescue responded to the wreck.

A somber crowd of onlookers watched from the boardwalk as crews ferried bits of the vessel from the crash site to the shore.

“Half of the boat is underwater, half of it is above water and we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of pieces that we’re picking up,” Berryman said.

He said the amount of debris indicated the boat was traveling very fast at the time of the crash.

“You can look at that and tell it was high speed,” he said, pointing to the wreckage. “How fast, I have no idea.”

By about 5 p.m. workers had accumulated and cordoned off two large piles of debris on the shore. Berryman said a dive crew had been contacted to retrieve the submerged sections of the boat.

Information about the registration of the boat — said to be a cigarette or go-fast boat popularized in the 1980s television series “Miami Vice” — and its owners was unavailable Saturday evening.

A rotating crowd of onlookers quietly watched the grim work proceedings and offered their well wishes to the boaters as well as their thoughts about what happened.

Bobby Thomas said he was walking his dog toward the park when emergency vehicles began to streak past him. He arrived at Shoreline Park just after the crash and said that witnesses described it to him.

“They didn’t hit anybody. He was just going fast,” Thomas said witnesses told him. “They said he must have been going about 70 mph, then the boat just flipped over backwards.”

Berryman said it probably will be well into next week before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had definitive answers to report.

“It’s Easter weekend,” he said. “Nothing’s going to happen fast.”

Pensacola businessman identified as person who died in boat crash


A Pensacola businessman has been identified as the person who died in a boating accident in Santa Rosa Sound on Saturday, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Gary Lowry, 61, was killed in the waters south of Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze when his go-fast boat lifted off the water and then broke apart upon landing, Stan Kirkland, Public Information Coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

Lowry had a residence and a construction company in Pensacola. Kirkland said Lowry is believed to be the owner and operator of the boat.

Lowry’s son and daughter-in-law, Scott and Stephanie Lowry of Cantonment, both 42, as well as a friend of the family, Lauren Williams of Pensacola, 33, sustained injuries in the wreck, Kirkland said.

A fourth unidentified woman was airlifted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital in Birminham.

Both Scott Lowry and Lauren Williams are receiving treatment at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. Stephanie Lowry was released from Baptist Saturday night, Kirkland said.

The condition of the fourth passenger is unknown at this time.

Douglas Berryman, a lieutenant with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said the wreck occurred at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, about 1000 yards south of Shoreline Park. He said that civilian boaters who witnessed the wreck transported the injured passengers to shore prior to the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Members of the Gulf Breeze Police Department, the Coast Guard and Gulf Breeze Fire and Rescue responded to the accident. Crews spent Saturday and Sunday picking wreckage from the boat out of the sound and transporting it to shore.

Berryman said that the rear half of the boat including the motor are still submerged in 12 to 14 feet of water, and he is still attempting to assemble a dive team to retrieve it.

“Why the vessel broke apart is unclear,” Berryman said. “We’re still interviewing people and tracking down witnesses. We’re spending a lot of our time getting the pieces and the parts of the boat.”



Saturday, 30 March, SANYA (China): Arif Al Zaffain and Mohammed Al Marri wrapped up the perfect opening to their season, winning race 2 of the Sanya Grand Prix to add to their wins in qualifying and race 1 to complete their Sanya hat-trick.

But Ugur Isik and Christian Zaborowski’s hopes of carrying the fight to Victory 3 and adding to their double podium seconds, ended in spectacular fashion when they barrel-rolled Zabo-Isiklar at the first turn.

Both pilots were unhurt but the severity of the damage to the boat became clearer once it had been towed back to the pits. “It’s hard to say what happened. Maybe we caught a wave,” said throttleman, Christian Zaborowski. “It was a fast entry corner. I felt the boat lift and twist a little as we turned in and then it went over. This was a big crash. The damage is very bad all over the boat.”

Zabo-Isiklar’s dramatic exit brought out the red flag and forced a restart, with the race shortened to 14 laps.

The Victory duo again took control from the start and was unchallenged at the front throughout, systematically extending their lead lap-by-lap to eventually run out comfortable winners by 45-seconds to lead the Championship by 16-points.

Victory Australia’s Daren Nicholson and Ross Willaton, and LFFendi10’s Luca Formilli Fendi and Giovanni Carpitella picked-up where they left off yesterday, resuming their on water fight.

But this time the Australian duo were able to turn the tables on their Italian rivals, passing them on lap 3 to go on and take their second podium of the weekend.

Italy’s Tomaso Polli rounded off a busy and successful event that started on the wheel of Poliform and ended with two outings on the throttles of Team Abu Dhabi alongside Class 1 rookie, Faleh Al Mansoori.

The scratch pairing produced a more than impressive second outing, going one better than in race 1 to take a very respectable fourth place.

Gian Maria Gabbiani and Luca Nicolini enjoyed a solitary race maintaining fifth place throughout and once again proved their reliability, completing their sixth straight points finish in FA.RO. ACCIAI.

Giampaolo Montavoci’s afternoon hit trouble on lap 1, an electrical problem forcing Poliform to a crawl. But the Italian and his rookie driver, Salim Al Adidi stuck with it, Poliform kicked back into life, and they were able to go on and complete the race to finish in the points in fifth.

Newcomers Miles Jennings and Alfredo Amato went further than in race 1, but were unimpressed with the first corner hose down by Poliform which all but drowned their engine. The duo stayed out hoping to clear the problem and limped round for eight laps, falling one lap short of the 70% ruling that would have at least given them some well-deserved points.

Marit Stromoy and Pal Virik Nilsen’s already frustrating time in Sanya was compounded when they failed to make the start.

1. 3 Victory – A Al Zaffain (UAE) / M Al Marri (UAE) – 42.36,27
2. 7 Victory Australia – D Nicholson (AUS) / R Willaton (AUS) + 45,84s
2. 10 LFFendi10 – L Formilli Fendi (ITA) / G Carpitella (ITA) + 01.22.00s
4. 5 Team Abu Dhabi – F Al Mansoori (UAE) / Tomaso Polli (ITA) + 01.35.00s
5. 23 FA.RO. ACCIAI – G M Gabbiani (ITA) / L Nicolini (ITA) – 1 lap
6. 74 Poliform – S Al Adidi (UAE) / G Montavoci (SUI) – 2 laps
—-8 LFFendi8 – Miles Jennings (GBR) / A Amato (ITA) – 6 laps
—-86 Visun Sanya – M Stromoy (NOR) / PV Nilsen (NOR) – dns
—-91 Zabo Isiklar – U Isik (TUR) / C Zaborowski (NOR) – dns

1. 3 Victory Team – 40pts 2= 10 LFFendi10 – 24pts 2= 7 Victory Australia – 24pts 4. 5 Team Abu Dhabi – 16pts 5. 91 Zabo-Isiklar – 15pts 6. 23 FA.RO.ACCIAI – 12pts. 7. 74 Poliform – 5pts



Friday, 29 March, SANYA (China): Victory’s Arif Al Zaffain and Mohammed Al Marri made the perfect start to their title defence with a convincing win in race 1 of the Sanya Grand Prix.

The defending Champions had to come from behind after being outgunned at the start by Zabo-Isiklar’s Ugur Isik and Christian Zaborowski, who led the Victory duo into the first turn to lead by three seconds at the end of the opening lap.

Behind the race leaders the LFFendi10 crew of Luca Formilli Fendi and Giovanni Carpitella made the jump on Victory Australia’s Darren Nicholson and Class 1 newcomer Ross Willaton to move up a place from fourth on the start line.

The race outcome hinged on two opposite race strategies, Zabo-Isiklar opting to take their mandatory short-lap early, on lap 2, and a brilliant midrace stint of the 11-lap, 51.51Nm race by the defending World, Middle East and Edox Pole Position Champions, and their decision to go late with their short-lap on 7.

LFFendi10 followed the move by Zabo-Isiklar to get ahead of Victory who suddenly found themselves 27 seconds adrift of the leaders.

Victory immediately began to push and regained second spot on lap 4, with the deficit cut to 12 seconds two laps later. On lap 7 Victory took their short lap to come out well ahead of Zabo-Isiklar and turn the deficit into a 23 seconds advantage.

For the remainder of the race Al Zaffain and Al Marri controlled their pace and the race to run out the comfortable winners by over 40 seconds. “91 made a really great start which caught us by surprise a bit so we really had to push,” said Al Zaffain. “As soon as we got into clear water we were able to reduce the gap, but our crew chief kept telling us to wait and wait and finally said take short-lap and after that we had a comfortable run to the flag.”

Despite conceding the lead after being out front for over half race distance, Zabo-Isiklar’s Christian Zaborowski was more than pleased with a second podium in as many days. “To be honest we are very happy with today’s result. We pushed hard from the start and tried for more. But we kept getting some warning lights coming up so had to keep easing back,” he said. “It is not a big problem and we can fix it overnight and think we will have another good race tomorrow.”

The fight for the final step on the podium was a bruising encounter between LFFendi10 and Victory Australia for 6 of the 11 laps; the Australians attacked again and again and got to within two seconds of the Italians who defended their podium spot heroically to hang on and take third place. “We made a great start and ran a good race,” said Luca Formilli Fendi. “The conditions were very mixed, flat on the shore leg and quite lumpy a bit further out in the bay. But we got the best out of the boat with the power issues we had and we got the set-up right.”

The Sanya shuffle saw throttleman Giampaolo Montavoci switch back into Poliform to race with Class 1 debutant Salim Al Adidi, and Tomaso Polli step out to take the sticks beside Faleh Al Mansoori in Team Abu Dhabi – the two Italians enjoying mixed fortunes.

Montavoci and Al Adidi’s race ended early, with Poliform towed off the course on lap 2 with technical problems, Polli and Al Faleh going the distance and producing a very credible performance to finish in fifth place ahead of another solid outing by Gian Maria Gabbiani and Luca Nicolini in FA.RO ACCIAI.

There was disappointment for Alfredo Amato and Miles Jennings in LFFendi8, retiring on lap 2 and more frustration for Marit Stromoy and Pal Virik Nilsen in Visun Sanya who hit problems before the start and returned to the pits.

1. 3 Victory – A Al Zaffain (UAE) / M Al Marri (UAE) – 33.15,70
2. 91 Zabo Isiklar – U Isik (TUR) / C Zaborowski (NOR) + 00.43,87s
3. 10 LFFendi10 – L Formilli Fendi (ITA) / G Carpitella (ITA) + 01.15.00s
4. 7 Victory Australia – D Nicholson (AUS) / R Willaton (AUS) + 01.18,00s
5. 5 Team Abu Dhabi – F Al Mansoori (UAE) / Tomaso Polli (ITA) + 02.39.00
6. 23 FA.RO. ACCIAI – G M Gabbiani (ITA) / L Nicolini (ITA) – 1 lap
7. 8 LFFendi8 – Miles Jennings (GBR) / A Amato (ITA) – dnf
8. 74 Poliform – S Al Adidi (UAE) / G Montavoci (SUI) – dnf
9. 86 Visun Sanya – M Stromoy (NOR) / PV Nilsen (NOR) – dns

1. 3 Victory Team – 20pts 2. 91 Zabo-Isiklar – 15pts 3. 10 LFFendi10 – 12pts 4. 7 Victory Australia – 9pts 5. 5 Team Abu Dhabi – 7pts 6. 23 FA.RO.ACCIAI – 5pts.



Thursday, 28 March, SANYA (China): Victory’s Arif Al Zaffain and Mohammed Al Marri will start race 1 of the Sanya Grand Prix in pole position after dominating this afternoon’s qualifying session.

The defending World Champions threw down the gauntlet on their first flying lap, posting a time of 3mins 8.67s around the 4.93Nm circuit on Sanya Bay, and then went over four seconds quicker on their second run to post the fastest time of 3mins 4.58s and secure the pole.

The fight to be in the top three and gain the advantage of being in the group to take the inside turn gate at the first turn in race 1, proved a titanic fight between Zabo-Isiklar, Victory Australia and LFFendi10.

The trio traded times and swapped places throughout the two-hour session, with Ugur Isik and Christian Zaborowski coming out on top to post the second fastest time late in the session ahead of the all-Australian pairing of Darren Nicholson and Ross Willaton, whose impressive late charge up through the field knocked the LFFendi10 crew off the podium.

It was another impressive performance by Zabo Racing’s Turkish-Norwegian partnership who earlier in the day had traded times with the Victory 3 duo in official practice, and getting the better of them, posting the fastest short-lap time of 2mins 48.14s.

The late withdrawal from the event of Rashed Al Tayer and Majed Al Mansoori meant a very last minute reshuffle of drivers for Team Abu Dhabi and also Poliform, with Cass 1 debutant Falah Al Mansoori, racing for the first time in Class 1 and under a provisional super license, joined in the cockpit of the UAE boat by the vastly experienced Poliform throttleman Giampaolo Montavoci and going fifth fastest. But the switch of seats resulted in Italy’s Tomaso Polli having to sit out qualifying.

FA.RO ACCIAI posted the sixth quickest time of the session, but there was disappointment for Class 1 debutants Alfredo Amato and Miles Jennings in LFFendi8, stopping after just one lap, and for Visun Sanya’s Marit Stromoy and Pal Virik Nilsen who were forced back to the pits with technical problems without posting a time.

1. 3 Victory – A Al Zaffain (UAE) / M Al Marri (UAE) – 03.04,58
2. 91 Zabo Isiklar – U Isik (TUR) / C Zaborowski (NOR) – 03.06,28
3. 7 Victory Australia – D Nicholson (AUS) / R Willaton (AUS) – 03.10,61
4. 10 LFFendi10 – L Formilli Fendi (ITA) / G Carpitella (ITA) – 03.14,78
5. 5 Team Abu Dhabi – F Al Mansoori (UAE) / G Montavoci (SUI) – 03.16,63
6. 23 FA.RO. ACCIAI – G M Gabbiani (ITA) / L Nicolini (ITA) – 03.21,25
7. 8 LFFendi8 – Miles Jennings (GBR) / A Amato (ITA) – 03.39,33
8. 74 Poliform – T Polli (ITA) / N/A () – dns
9. 86 Visun Sanya – M Stromoy (NOR) / PV Nilsen (NOR) – dns

1. 3 Victory Team – 20pts 2. Zabo-Isiklar – 15pts 3. Victory Australia – 12pts 4. LFFendi10 – 9pts 5. Team Abu Dhabi – 7pts 6. FA.RO.ACCIAI – 5pts 7. LFFendi8 – 4pts



P1 SuperStock USA are pleased to announce that husband and wife Cynthia and Craig Belfatto will make their P1 SuperStock Championship debut next month after signing up as team Livorsi.

The couple, from Apollo Beach, Fla., will race the number 9 boat, their lucky number, with Cynthia behind the wheel and Craig manning the throttle. Neither Cynthia nor Craig has previous powerboat racing experience, but the two have been passionate fans of the sport for years.

“We are excited to race in the P1 SuperStock USA Championship this year,” said Cynthia Belfatto. “The P1 Panther makes the sport easy to enter, which attracted us to the series immediately. We are looking forward to visiting all of the venues and most of all we are excited about standing on the top of the podium.”

Cynthia Belfatto started sailboat racing in her early 20’s on freshwater lakes in Tennessee. In 1994, she moved to the Tampa Bay area and lived on a sailboat for seven years. Beginning in 2000, Cynthia took a sabbatical with her 18-month-old son and sailed a 37’ yacht throughout the Caribbean to Trinidad and back to Tampa. Cynthia also has auto drag racing experience.

Craig Belfatto, originally from New Jersey, started boating in the early 1980’s and has been an enthusiast ever since. He has owned seven boats, including a Formula, two Sonics, a Stinger, an Ultimate Warlock, a Fountain and a Concept. He has participated in numerous Poker Runs, including New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Florida. He previously participated in auto drag racing at Atco Dragway in New Jersey.

“Boat racing is something that my wife and I have always wanted to do,” said Craig Belfatto. “Cynthia is a fearless competitor who hates to come in second place, no matter what the sport or the activity. We are looking forward to the start of the season and competing with the other P1 teams.”

Cynthia and Craig started dating in January of 2010, and Craig has been working hard at turning her into a power boater ever since. When not out on the water, the couple co-owns Island Marine Group, LLC, an organization specializing in marine construction. The company constructs and repairs seawalls, marinas, docks and more. For more information, visit


Lucididee Fast Boats has been running a poll for you to vote on your favorite Offshore Race Site from the 2012 Season in the US.

There’s less than 36 hours left to vote.  Visit the website now to vote! Look for the poll in the right column



Busy Winter At Whispering Turbines

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In addition to the usual off-season work preparing turbine engines for the Unlimited Hydroplane fleet, Whispering Turbines has been working hard all winter in their Hamilton, Montana shop, putting together an impressive set of T53 L703 Gas Turbine Engines for Sheikh Sheikh Hassan bin-Jabor Al-Thani’s new 50 foot Mystic Offshore boat.

WTI tells us, “When we were enlisted to help him with his Offshore venture, we took a lot of pride in the fact that he asked us to be a part of his new boat project because of the fact that we have brought the Gold Cup to the Ellstrom Race team for five consecutive races. That is a track record to be proud of!”

They added, “Along with Sheikh Hassan’s project we have also built for one of the fastest Offshore boats out there- the My Way–owned by Bill Tomlinson, and several engines for the Natural Gas industry and a few Aviation items thrown in.”

Tracy, Adam, Evan and Cindi have had a busy winter building quality products for the gas turbine industry!



ABU DHABI – March 29, 2013 – The momentum is building….you can feel it all the way from Portugal.

Yes, veteran driver Duarte Benavente of the Atlantic Team has seen it all in his 13 previous years of racing on the UIM F1 H2O World Championship for power boating tour.

Nothing surprises him any more. Consider this. His first Grand Prix start was in Portimao in his native Portugal in 1999. One of just three full time drivers who’s careers began back in the 20th century, Duarte is still competitive as he competes on the tour in his third decade of this sport.

Benavente, has now tallied 110 F1 races on his resume over his 13 year career. He has reached the podium four times, while failing to finish a race 32 times because of mechanical problems combined with six accidents.

Only fellow drivers Francesco Cantando of Italy with 139 and Sami Selio of Finland with 112 have more Grand Prix race starts. During this time frame Cantando has accumulated 12 victories while Selio has earned 10.

Duarte, well, he’s still chasing his first. Imagine that.

People who follow the sport closely feel it’s hard to believe that a driver who has won the F4 World Championship and an eight time F4 titlist in Portugal back in the 1990’s combined with big success in F2 hasn’t tasted victory on the F1 tour, yet!

Well, if he and his young teammate 2012 “Rookie-of-the-Year” Youssef Al Robayan of Kuwait have anything to say about it, this road to non-victories is about to be detoured.

“Youssef and I sat down at the end of last season and decided to take a long look at what we had accomplished in 2012,” said Duarte. “We then decided to dedicate our time in the off-season to see what it will take to be successful for the upcoming campaign. I feel good. I think we’ve got that formula down.”

“A year ago we started in the right direction, I switched boats to an Italian BABA hull early in the season and immediately started feeling more at home with my surroundings. Confidence is key and right now and I have it.”

The 2012 season turned out to be the low tide of Duarte’s career as he finished tied for 17th in the drivers championship with two points in five race starts. His best campaign was back in 2000 when he finished sixth in the championship earning 51 points. His goal is to surpass that mark this upcoming season.

“We are fine tuning the boats and getting ready to do a giant testing program here in Portugal with Youssef flying up from Kuwait to join me in April,” said the 42 year-old from Lisbon. “I have 15 top five finishes in the 70 races I’ve completed in my career and look forward to stepping back on the podium again this season. I think we’ll have the package to get it done this time around.”

Duarte is one of the hardest working drivers helping out promoting his longtime and loyal sponsor “Interpass” of Portugal. During the non-racing season, he attends many events throughout Portugal promoting the sport to his thousands of Portuguese followers.

“I want my success to be not only for myself but for my sponsors and the Portuguese people as well. An added thrill this year will be starting the season in Brazil and their lovely capital city of Brasilia on 1-2 of June. For me this will be like a second home and I know I will pick up new followers in this great Portuguese speaking country which will be very important to me, my team and my sponsors as well.”

Meanwhile, Al Robayan, who just completed his first year in F1 H2O after many seasons in F2, has made an immediate impact on the series. He finished 2012 in 10th place in the drivers championship with 11 points having his best day in Liuzhou, China when he finished fifth after qualifying sixth off the dock.

“I’m excited about coming back and working again with such a dedicated professional as Duarte and his father Mario,” said Youssef. “It was great to win “Rookie-of-the-Year” honors last year now it’s time to take it up a notch and start earning some podiums. What a thrill it would be if both Duarte and I were able to do it at the same event. It would be a dream for me.”

Al Robayan, who has been known throughout his racing as a driver with great speed, has a career best qualifying effort with a fourth place off the start pontoon at last years Grand Prix in Kiev. The likeable 35 year-old, who has eight career starts, will be hoping to earn his first pole position of his career in F1 in 2013.

For Duarte, his career best was a fine second place finish back in 2003 behind American Scott Gillman at the Italian Grand Prix at Cagliari in Sardinia. His most recent podium was back at his home Grand Prix in Portimao back in 2006.

With the fine mixture of youth and experience this talented F1 Atlantic Team looks primed to take a step forward in 2013 and show the world that they are ready to mix it up with best drivers and teams on the UIM F1 H2O World Championship tour. It will be fun to watch if their dreams come true on the race circuits around the world starting 1-2 in June at the first annual Grand Prix of Brazil in Brasilia.

You can keep up with all the news of the UIM F1 H2O World Championship Series by going to the official website at



Mina Seyahi Dubai GP, 21st-23rd March 2013




​03/18/20123 – Atlantic City will experience the sights and sounds of 40- to-50-foot powerboats going 150 mph or faster in the ocean on June 23.

The Atlantic City Offshore Grand Prix will be held on a six-mile course not far off the beach. The start-finish line will be at Missouri Avenue, and the Frank S. Farley State Marina at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino will be the race headquarters.

“It’ll be exciting to watch, and it’s free,” race chairman Dave Patnaude, 43, of Toms River, said Sunday. “We changed up the course to make it spectator-friendly. It won’t go far out into the ocean.”

Patnaude and Tom Pohlman, the vice president and general manager of Golden Nugget, talked about holding the event. They received the endorsement of the Atlantic City Alliance, a marketing coalition that promotes tourism in the city.

“It brings a big summer weekend to Atlantic City before the Fourth of July,” Patnaude said. “We know that the area towns were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, but we want to support the Jersey Shore and show everybody that Atlantic City is alive and well.”

Patnaude, who is the director of the New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association, wanted to hold the event last year but couldn’t secure the funding.

The Atlantic City Offshore Grand Prix’s smaller classes will start at noon on June 23, a Sunday, and the bigger boats, including the Extreme (formerly Open class), will race at 2 p.m.

One of the featured boats will be Miss GEICO, from Jupiter, Fla., which will be piloted by Marc Granet with throttle man Scott Begovich, a native of Bricktown. Miss GEICO, which is 50 feet long, races in the Extreme class.

An earlier version of Miss GEICO won six world championships, but the boat sank in Sarasota, Fla., last year. The new version of the boat will debut soon.

Gary Goodell, 60, of Jupiter, Fla., is one of Miss GEICO’s owners. Goodell grew up in Berkeley Heights in Union County and spent summers on Long Beach Island.

“We’re excited about coming to Atlantic City, that’s for sure,” said Goodell, 60. “It should be a lot of fun. Our new boat is capable of going over 200 mph. We’ll be testing it in the next 30 days.”



3/20/2013 – Offshore-style powerboat racing is coming to Lake Hopatcong Sunday, May 12.

Some 40 boats are expected to compete in six categories in the Offshore Powerboat Association event, to be run at the Lake Forest Yacht Club, said local organizer Jay Muller.

The 2.8-mile course will be “arena style” and fans will be able to see the entire racing from shore, said Muller.

Offshore racing had been a fixture at the Shore in past years, and fans remember the Benihana Grand Prix run at Point Pleasant Beach.

Racing at Atlantic City was scheduled two years ago but was cancelled at the last minute because of rough seas.

The Lake Hopatcong event will launch the OPA season, which includes races in Florida, Maryland, Long Island, Michigan and Ontario. Racing is scheduled June 26 in Atlantic City.

“It will be spectacular,” said Muller, a seven-time world champion as “throttleman,” with boats hitting speeds of 140 mph.

Lake Hopatcong has traditionally hosted smaller hydroplane races in the past, but the offshore-style craft are newcomers to the waterway, which spans the Morris-Sussex county border.

The boats carry a driver, who steers, and a throttleman, who deftly adjusts the throttles as the boat leaps out and re-enters the water so the engines don’t over-rev and the boat goes at maximum speed.

The speed and excitement fuel passionate participants, like Muller, who was drawn to the sport as a youngster at the Shore. The experience is “incredible,” Muller said.

Check or for details.


Clean Power for the European Union

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Posted by Rick Mackie on Mercury Racing

The 1100 is the most powerful EU compliant gasoline sterndrive available.

March 14, 2013 – The 1650 RACE was the talk of the Miami Boat Show. Equally newsworthy was our release of 565 and 1100 sterndrives certified for use in the European Union (EU). The popular engines, packed with Mercury Racing exclusive components, meet the emissions requirements as set forth in the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).

The certification expands the availability of the 565, 600 SCi, 662 SCi and 1100 sterndrive engine packages to all countries that fall under the EU’s RCD. EU certified models are identified with the CE mark. OEM boat builders must certify that their boats conform to the RCD noise requirements.

The EU compliant 565 models bring Digital Throttle & Shift technology to the European sport boat market.

I first met go owner Andy Groeber back in 2004 when we first came out with the 1075 SCi. I would catch up with him over the following years on his annual trek to the Miami Boat Show. Andy is an exclusive Nor-Techdealer just South of Munich. He has had a lot of success with the 662 SCis. He is excited to have the EU certified 565 and 1100. Andy sees the 565s being popular for the Nor-Tech Monte Carlo and 39-foot sportboats.

“No hassle boating is a key message for both the 565s and 1100s. The 1100s are wonderfully efficient. They have a very good reputation in the field with fewer breakdowns and less maintenance required than anything else in the past,” said Andy. They will open doors to sell high-end cats and vee-bottoms to customers who may not have bought them in the past due to maintenance needs, Andy said. “Customers in this power range would have previously had triple diesels with sub par performance. The big power and torque capabilities of the 1100 will be a natural for big family cruisers as well,” Andy concluded.

Pal Sollie, owner of Goldfish boats, has a new 42-foot rib for military and commercial/government applications. A recreational model of that rib fitted with 565s would be fantastic!,” Pal exclaimed. He also looks forward to running the 1100. “The 1100 will be a good fit for our new 50-footer introduced a month ago,” said Pal. “Both engines are new and fresh. They are something we’ve needed to attract younger customers into the market,” said Pal.

Norwegian builder Hydrolift makes 22-33 foot powerboats for the Scandinavian market. They Export to EU countries, Russia and the Far East. Hydrolift sales rep Reider Golstad said, “The 1100 is too powerful for our hulls – although it would make a perfect single engine application.” Digital Throttle & Shift technology is a big deal for our market. Custom colors are too. The 565 will be a good engine for us,” Reider said.

Dries Kuysten is equally excited about the 565. Dries owns Kuysten Watersport, a Formula and Rinker dealer in the Netherlands. “This is a great opportunity to take the next step after the 8.2L. If I had to power my own boat now, this would be the engine of my choice!,” exclaimed Dries. Everyone I spoke to said the European Union is starting to recover from the recession we all have experienced over the past few years. They are looking forward to the future now that they have a broader range of clean, hassle free Mercury Racing power at their disposal.



Thursday, 14 March: DAC Racing’s team principal and driver Guido Cappellini has called up Tomaso Polli to replace him in Poliform at the Grand Prix of Sanya in China at the end of this month.

In a statement issued by the team, Cappellini said. “For the next race in Sanya the boat will be on the water as usual, and there will be two pilots regularly attending the races. Tomaso Polli will be at the helm, while Giampaolo Montavoci will be the throttleman. I will not race myself for this event and the upcoming races.”

“This will happen until there will be the same conditions for everybody, and I am referring in particular to propellers. After the unanimous decision taken by all teams during last meeting in Dubai [December 28th 2012], our decision has been neglected and now by rules we can’t start on the same technical level.

“When the rules and the conditions will be even for all the teams, I will be glad to enter the cockpit again and put all my experience, my work and my efforts at the disposal of this sport, ready to fight for my target.”

The planned move from forged to cast propellers and to a new single supplier will come into full force in 2014. In the interim period teams can opt to use theirs or existing Five Axis propellers or old forged Hering propellers, and will be limited to three sets per boat.

The decision by Cappellini sees Polli back behind the wheel of a Class 1 for the first time since he raced alongside Luca Nicolini in Dubai in 2011, to partner Giampaolo Montavoci, one of the most experienced throttlemen on the tour with 101 Grand Prix starts under his belt.

The 37-year-old from Varese, Italy, who lives and works in London as a Yacht Broker for Edmiston, made his Class 1 debut aged 22 at the Italian Grand Prix in Bari in 1998, will start his 27th Grand Prix in Sanya.



19 March 2013 London:P1 Marine Foundation, a UK-based international charity focused on safeguarding and restoring the marine environment, has announced the launch of this year’s National Student Awards which recognise and reward students who are working on, or who have developed, an outstanding project in the marine and environmental field with the potential to have a positive and sustainable impact.

The entries will be judged by a panel of scientists, environmental leaders and specialists from marine-related industries which include Paul Holthus, Executive Director at the World Ocean Council and Dr Trevor Dixon, Marine Pollution Specialist at Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea.
The Awards are open to students at all levels of higher education in the UK and the deadline is 31st July, with winners being announced at an Awards evening in London in October. For more information or to enter please visit our website:

The inaugural National Student Awards in 2012 attracted high-quality entries from college and university students throughout the UK. Last year’s winners were undergraduate Douglas Conway at Newcastle University, who designed a combined alternative energy solution of tidal and wind power, and Loughborough University postgraduate Paul Barker, whose project was based on real-time sonar measurement and how this affects marine life.

“We were delighted both with the quantity and quality of the entries last year and this year the judges will particularly be looking for projects which demonstrate innovative thinking and ideally propose practical solutions.” said Sabrina Taseer, P1 Marine Foundation’s Projects and Development Manager.

A major aim of the P1 Marine Foundation is to forge strong ties with academic establishments across the UK. Established in September 2010, the Foundation contributes to ground-breaking research by recognising and supporting the role of educational establishments and acknowledging their outstanding academics through a variety of projects, including the National Student Awards.



The P1-28SS Panther received certification from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), an association that helps manufacturers ensure their boats are built to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC).

TUE 19 MAR 2013 – To receive certification, the P1-28SS Panther demonstrated that all production units were manufactured in compliance with the certified design. As the industry body which oversees marine manufacturing in the USA where the Panther is currently built, the NMMA requires boat manufacturers to submit applications for all models, and to undergo a physical inspection by an NMMA inspector annually.

“Receiving the NMMA certification is a very important step forward for P1 and shows the high standards to which the Panther is built,” said Robert Wicks, Powerboat P1 chief operating officer. “It was important for us to highlight the safety of the boat and the quality of work that goes into our manufacturing processes. The certification will further boost consumer confidence in the product which has been sold to and is raced in a diverse array of markets including the USA, UK, Canada, China, India, France and the United Arab Emirates.”

The P1-28SS Panther was designed in-house and features all the latest in racing safety standards and technology as well as the ergonomics, luxury and environmental stewardship expected in a state-of-the-art leisure boat. Manufactured in the United States in Florida, the base model retails at $100,000 plus shipping and taxes. The boat is the exclusive race boat for the P1 SuperStock World Championship series.