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Smokin’ $50,000.00 Purse – Feb 24, 2012

Smokin’ the Sound (STS) Race Producer, Woody Bailey, announced that STS 2012 will feature a $50,000.00 purse and will offer a tow incentive of $1,000.00 to each of the first thirty teams that sign up for OSS / APBA National Class Races. “This makes the purse twenty five percent higher than the last couple of years and the tow monies come just in time to make it easier for more boats to come to Biloxi. We look forward to welcoming the teams that have been here in the past and hope those that haven’t been to Smokin’ will now come and experience the red carpet treatment that STS and the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers.” said Bailey. STS will be held April, 26-29, 2012 in Biloxi. Some of the additional amenities of STS are the Casino Hotels hosting different parties and events. The Thursday night festivities at the Beau Rivage kick off the weekend with a Sponsor Appreciation Party. This event offers sponsors and VIP’s the opportunity to meet the racers over cocktails and features a hot buffet. Other parties and events are planned at the Palace, Isle and Hard Rock. Details of all the events will be in the racers packet being released soon.

Also adding to the savings to race in 2012, the Offshore Super Series (OSS) will suspend its hull registration fees and lower all memberships to ten dollars ($10.00) per person for the year. This move will save a team at least $2,100.00. Anyone racing STS will need to be a member of APBA; $150.00 for an annual riding crew / $60.00 non-riding or $55.00 for a single event membership. The OSS Board approved entry fees of $1,500.00 for OSS/APBA National classes and $750.00 for ProAM classes. This year, the ProAM classes will be allowed to compete for a portion of the advertised purse of each event. Past 2010, 2011 OSS members will be rewarded for their loyalty with discounted entry fees. For more information on fee structures for 2012, please visit the Official OSS website and see the 2012 General Rules.

Alert: Special Event for all Offshore Racers! STS will host an APBA/UIM sanctioned Kilo Run Saturday morning; the first offshore kilo in almost a decade. Any APBA offshore class member is eligible to take a run in an effort to set a new record. The Smokin’ Poker Run will return for those pleasure boaters that want to visit the different sites on the Gulf Coast. Poker Runners whose boats fit into the description of either a ProAM or National class will have a chance to run the Kilo for an Official Certificate of Speed.

The OSS 2012 Season is dedicated to the memory of Joey Gratton, with the J.O.E.Y. (Join Our Energy this Year / Race with Spirit) Campaign to raise awareness of the Joey Gratton Foundation. Joey was lost this past November in a racing accident. His wife Priscilla, their twin boys Brock and Blake along with their families are planning to be in attendance. The “Boys” will be racing in the Peters and Mays P1 entry to honor their father’s winning energy and spirit.

OSS is a not for profit association dedicated to the advancement of the further development and growth of offshore powerboat racing in North America.

For more information please visit:, or


Prize Money and Tow Money Distribution Smokin the Sound 2012
Biloxi, Mississippi

Tow Money: $30,000.00

$1,000.00 per entry will be distributed to the first thirty (30) entries as tow money. Eligibility will be based on the date of postmark with the 30 earliest postmarked entries being guaranteed tow money. Powerboat P-1 Panther Class is ineligible for tow money.

Prize Money: $50,000.00

$50,000.00 prize money will be distributed among the National and Pro-Am Classes with the exception of the Powerboat P-1 Panthers. Division of prize money will be made on a pro-rata basis with National Classes receiving 100% of their pro-rata share and Pro-AM Classes receiving 50% of their pro-rata share. The 50% of unused prize money from Pro-Am will be re-distributed among the National Classes. Individual class purses will be based on the number of entries in the class. All classes except Super Vee Lite pay 3 places; 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) , and 3rd (20%). Super Vee Lite pays 5 places; 1st (45%), 2nd (25%), 3rd (15%), 4th (10%), and 5th (5%). Three or more boats in a class pays 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize money. Two (2) boats in a class pays 2nd and 3rd place prize money. One boat in a class pays 3rd place prize money. Any unused prize money is returned to the conducting club.

Super Cat 2 entries
Super Cat Lite 4 entries
Super Vee Unl. 4 entries
Super Vee Lite 8 entries
Super Stock 6 entries
Pro-Am -1 2 entries
Pro-Am – 2 3 entries
Pro-AM – 3 4 entries
Pro-AM – 4 4 entries
Pro-AM – 5 3 entries
40 total entries (24 National Class and 16 Pro-Am Class boats)

Based on 40 total entries, on a pro-rata basis, each entry is worth $1250.00

National Class Prize money = $40,000.00
(24 x $1250.00 + 16 x 625.00)
24 National Class entries worth $1666.00 each
Super Cat Purse = 2 x $1666.00 or $3332.00
Super Cat Lite Purse = 4 x $1666.00 or $6664.00
Super Vee Unl. Purse = 4 x $1666.00 or $6664.00
Super Vee Lite Purse = 8 x $1666.00 or $13,328.00
Super Stock Purse = 6 x $1666.00 or $9996.00

Pro-AM Class Prize Money = $10,000.00
(16 x $625.00)
16 Pro-Am Class entries worth $625.00 each
P-1 Purse = 2 x $625.00 or $1250.00
P-2 Purse = 3 x $625.00 or $1875.00
P-3 Purse = 4 x $625.00 or $2500.00
P-4 Purse = 4 x $625.00 or $2500.00


posted February 29, 2012 :: Staff infoZine

Owners of a Lebanon, Mo., trucking company and one other person were indicted by a federal grand jury for their roles in a conspiracy to defraud Tracker Marine, a Springfield, Mo.-based manufacturer of boats and trailers sold throughout North America.

Springfield, MO – infoZine – James Keith Ivey, 51, and his wife, Melinda Kay Ivey, 42, both of Lebanon, and Paul Ray Hunting, 39, formerly of Lebanon, were charged in a 24-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Springfield.

Today’s indictment alleges that the three co-defendants devised a scheme to defraud Tracker Marine, LLC, from January 2006 to April 2009, by inflating purchase orders and shipping invoices. During that time, the Iveys and Hunting caused more than 2,550 fraudulent invoices to be submitted to Tracker, which created a total loss of more than $850,000 to Tracker.

The Iveys owned and operated J&M Trucking, Inc., in Lebanon. Tracker contracted with J&M to transport boats and trailers to Tracker’s dealers, located throughout North America. Hunting was promoted to transportation manager for Tracker in 2006.

According to the indictment, J&M’s compensation from Tracker was determined primarily by the distance its trucks traveled. Hunting allegedly caused Tracker to make payments to J&M in excess of the contract amount by listing an inflated and false number of billable miles on purchase orders. In exchange, James Ivey paid Hunting a portion of the revenue generated by the fraudulently increased billable miles, in cash. From 2006 to 2008, according to the indictment, James Ivey paid Hunting a total of $265,775.

At the beginning of the scheme, the indictment says, there was no set amount for Hunting’s increases to the billable miles on purchase orders. However, in April 2006, James Ivey and Hunting allegedly agreed on a set amount of 158 miles as being the amount Hunting would add to each purchase order, because when multiplied by the then-applicable reimbursement rate of $1.90 per mile, the result was an additional $300 per trip. This amount, the indictment says, allowed for an even three-way split between Hunting, James Ivey, and Melinda Ivey. The defendants allegedly continued the practice of inflating billable miles by 158 miles per trip, even after the reimbursement rate was increased to $2.10 per mile in January 2007.

However, J&M paid its drivers for the actual miles they drove, the indictment says, not the number of miles for which J&M invoiced Tracker.

In addition to the fraud conspiracy, James and Melinda Ivey and Hunting are charged in a money laundering conspiracy related to the cash payments to Hunting, which involved the proceeds of the alleged mail and wire fraud conspiracy. According to the indictment, approximately every two weeks James Ivey, often accompanied by Melinda Ivey, met Hunting (usually in a parking lot in Lebanon) and paid Hunting his share of the proceeds generated from the fraudulent invoices, in cash. Hunting allegedly claimed some of those payments on his federal income tax return as income from a catering business, which was false. The Iveys allegedly claimed the payments represented a percentage of revenue generated by two trucks they claimed Hunting owned and was leasing to J&M, which was also false.

In addition to the fraud and money laundering conspiracies, James and Melinda Ivey are charged together in nine counts of wire fraud, and they are each charged with one count of making false statements to federal agents. James Ivey is also charged with 10 additional counts of wire fraud. Hunting is also charged with one count of willful failure to make an income tax return for the calendar year 2007.

Beth Phillips, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, cautioned that the charges contained in this indictment are simply accusations, and not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting the charges must be presented to a federal trial jury, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven M. Mohlhenrich. It was investigated by the FBI and IRS-Criminal Investigation.



BoatUS Foundation’s Teens Afloat Program helps keep teens safe on the water by offering discounted vest-style life jackets for $5 to non-profit summer camps, schools or any local non-profit organization providing on-the-water educational programming for teens.

Made possible through a donation from the National Marine Bankers Association, the goal of the program is to provide an affordable way to keep teens safe while they participate in educational programs on local waters. Groups interested in getting life jackets can apply, using an online application, by March 31.

“We’ve received many requests over the years from groups providing these kinds of on-the-water educational programs to teens that desperately need life jackets,” BoatUS Foundation program manager Alanna Keating said in a statement. “These programs are great ways to give teens a chance to experience being on the water and at the same time educate them on the importance of life jacket wear.”


Jacksonville Cancelled for 2012

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Events, News

Feb 25, 2012 posted by SUPERBOAT

We regret to inform that newly scheduled race in Jacksonville for 2012 has been removed from the schedule. We were unable to accept moving the race from the river to offshore, which would have been a 20 idle for race boats. Every effort to work with the local group in attempt to save the race was attempted. We hope we can set 2013 as the inaugural year.



LACEY TOWNSHIP — A wind-whipped fire destroyed five boats and damaged two others early Thursday at a marina near Barnegat Bay.

But firefighters said the stiff south wind actually spared several other boats nearby by blowing the flames away from them.

No one was injured in the 1:30 a.m. fire at the Ocean Beach Marine Centers, and the cause of the blaze remained under investigation.

“It looked like a tenement fire,” said Jerry Pepin, a captain with the Lanoka Harbor Fire Company, and one of the first firefighters to arrive at the blaze. “It was pretty impressive.”

A boater on the scene estimated damage from the blaze at between a half-million and a million dollars, although no official estimates were available Thursday morning.

Four of the five boats that were destroyed burned down to the ground, leaving only their metal railings and anchors lying on the ground. A fifth had been propped up on cinder blocks and had a partial hull remaining.

A large luxury boat next to the fire suffered some damage from heat, as did a smaller one parked nearby. But the wind blew the flames away from those vessels, probably saving them, Pepin said.

A man who identified himself only as Vic came to the fire scene on behalf of his friend, the owner of one of the destroyed boats, to give him a damage report over the phone.

“Your boat is one big cinder,” Vic told his friend. “You can’t even tell it was a boat. Sorry.”

Vic said the boat owner, who he would not identify, is upset at the loss.

“His wife loved that boat,” Vic said.

Michael Paulhus, executive assistant Ocean County Prosecutor, said there was no preliminary indication of what had started the blaze. The boats were supplied electricity by an extension cord running behind them, he said.


New Maine boat show to debut in April

Posted: February 24, 2012 in News


The Maine Marine Trades Association is launching a new boat show called Maine’s Boating Expo, which will be held April 13-15 in Brunswick Landing.

 The show is being launched in response to the membership’s need for an effective venue where they can display late-model boat lines and quality used boats to the public. Boaters will be able to get the best pricing available immediately before the 2012 season starts.

“Maine’s Boating Expo has generated an amazing response from the maritime community,” Maine Marine Trades Association executive director Susan Swanton said in a statement. “This show will be a win-win situation for Mainers looking for a good deal to get on the water, as well as the businesses that need to reduce their inventory.”

Show organizers are making the show as accessible as possible to Maine’s broad boating community. The mid-coast location of the expo is expected to draw boaters from both the coastal and the lakes regions.

More than half of the exhibit space has been sold. Marine industry vendors who are interested in showcasing their boat lines or maritime wares should contact Swanton at (207) 773-8725.


Posted on 23 February 2012 on Trade Only Today

Mercury Marine is partnering with the Fond du Lac, Wis., school district to create a charter elementary school that emphasizes science, technology, engineering and math studies.

“We want to introduce children to science and technology at an early age when they are still naturally curious about how things work,” Kevin Anderson, a Mercury Marine engineering fellow and the president of the Fond du Lac STEM Academy’s governance board, said in a statement. “We want to reach out to both boys and girls. Studies show that if girls aren’t involved in science by Grade 5, they almost never enter a science career later in life because those fields are so male-dominated.”

The Fond du Lac STEM Academy, scheduled to open this fall to 100 third- through fifth-graders, will be financed with a $200,000 federal grant and by the Fond du Lac school district.

Students at the school will study a full range of subjects, from geography to English to music, with an emphasis on science and technology. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, students will learn by doing hands-on, project-based assignments.

Mercury will offer technical expertise, technological resources and world-renowned engineering facilities at its headquarters to make class projects more interesting and engaging.

The academy is considered a public school and is tuition-free.


Posted on 23 February 2012 on Trade Only Today

The 2012 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail attracted 100,917 visitors from around the world – down 3 percent from 2011, when 102,374 attended the five-day show, which ended Monday.

Similar to what the industry has been seeing at boat shows across the country, the National Marine Manufacturers Association is hearing reports from many exhibitors — both boat and accessory — of strong, quality traffic and record sales since the economic downturn.

“I continue to get testimonials and talk to exhibitors as they’re moving out, and people really seem to have had a really great show. A lot of people are reporting their best show in four or five years,” show manager Cathy Rick-Joule told Soundings Trade Only on Wednesday. “We’re getting some really solid sales results and really solid, positive comments.”

Though attendance was down slightly this year, the good news, she said, is “we are ahead of our three-year average, so we’re ahead by 4 percent over three years.”

“We’re not in the numbers game as far as attendance goes. … The quality and the seriousness of the buyer is what’s of greatest concern from our perspective. Attendance is a piece of the puzzle, but it’s certainly not our barometer. Our barometer is product sales,” Rick-Joule added.

Among those reporting a strong show were Dometic Marine, Statement Marine, Hell’s Bay Boatworks and Deep Impact Boats.

“This year’s Miami International Boat Show was the best in the last few years,” Hell’s Bay Boatworks president Chris Peterson said in a statement. “The attendance was steady and strong. The buyers were upbeat. We at Hell’s Bay were very optimistic that the show has kicked off a great season for boat sales and the momentum from the show should continue for months ahead.”

Tim Gallagher, general manager of Deep Impact Boats, added, “We were very pleased with the show results, which yielded on-site sales as well as a long list of leads requiring follow-up.”

More coverage of the 2012 Miami show will be in the April issue of Soundings Trade Only.


Released P1 SUPERSTOCK website:  Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Peters & May Racing has added twin brothers Blake and Brock Gratton as their P1 SuperStock USA team for the 2012 season.

The Gratton brothers are 30 years old and reside in Sarasota, FL where they own Xplode Marketing, a successful internet marketing and web design company.

The Gratton’s are an incredibly close-knit family and offshore powerboat racing runs through the Gratton veins. Blake and Brock are the sons of legendary offshore powerboat racer, Joey Gratton, who tragically passed away in a boat accident during a race at the 31st World Championship Powerboat Races in Key West, FL. Joey Gratton raced for over 15 years in many different classes and won over seven World Championships, 10 National Championships and over 50 individual circuits beside long-time teammate, Steve Page.

“Offshore powerboat racing has always been a family sport for us, our dad loved it with all of his heart,” said Blake Gratton. “Our family has been very supportive of our decision to race in 2012 and we are excited to carry on a Gratton tradition.

Amongst the family to support Blake and Brock is their mother, Priscilla Gratton, who regularly attended their father’s races and stood by his side throughout each event. The wives of Blake and Brock have also been influential in the boys’ decision to race this year. Brock is married to Michelle Gratton and the couple has a 1 year old baby girl named Scarlett. Brittany Gratton is the wife of Blake and she is currently four months pregnant.

Blake Gratton continued, “When we heard that P1 SuperStock USA officials were talking with leading respectful safety specialists, it influenced our decision to race this season in a big way. Safety is obviously important to us because of what our dad went through.”

Blake and Brock raced together last year at the final race of the 2011 P1 SuperStock USA season in San Diego. The twin brothers finished an impressive third place in their P1 SuperStock racing debut and resulting in a spot on the podium. Their father was with them the entire weekend, giving pointers and teaching them valuable lessons about offshore powerboat racing. Blake and Brock will look back to that weekend for motivation to have a successful 2012 season.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to race in the P1 SuperStock USA Championship in 2012 and represent such a prominent sponsor in Peters & May,” said Brock Gratton.

“The Gratton name is synonymous with offshore powerboat racing in the U.S.,” said Peters & May CEO, David Holley. “We’re proud to be a part of Blake and Brock continuing the legacy of their father.”

Peters & May, a leader in global boat transport, is the ‘Official Logistics Provider’ for P1 SuperStock worldwide and is working with the UIM to grow interest and participation in powerboat racing

After the tragic accident in Key West, Blake, Brock and the Gratton family created the “Joey Gratton Foundation” to celebrate the life of Joey Gratton. The “Joey Gratton Foundation” is based on Joey’s passion for kids and sports and links the two together by providing less fortunate children with the opportunity to actively participate in an organized sport that values personal integrity, team and leadership skills in a fun and healthy learning environment. You can learn more about the “Joey Gratton Foundation” and contribute by visiting

For more about the Gratton brothers visit:


Pier 57 merger joins two boat dealers

Posted: February 21, 2012 in News

Posted on 16 February 2012 Trade Only Today

Chicago-based Shogren Performance Marine merged with Pier 57, a factory authorized dealer for MTI and Cigarette Powerboats in Counce, Tenn.

From its headquarters, Shogren will take over day-to-day operation of the new company — which will be named Pier 57 — and will maintain a sales presence in Counce.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity,” Shogren Performance Marine founder Scott Sjogren said in a statement. “The new Pier 57 is committed to being the best and biggest dealer ever, where the buying, selling, servicing and overall client experience will be second to none.”

The company said staffing within the merged organization will remain the same.

“We chose to adopt the Pier 57 name with our merger because of its well-known brand position and for long-term branding opportunities we see within the high-performance powerboat industry. This collaboration begins a new chapter — leveraging our combined strengths and well-known histories,” Sjogren added.

The combination gives boaters a single point of exclusive access to Cigarette, MTI, Checkmate, MYCO, Eagle and Mercury engines, along with used boats, the company said.

“I feel very good about the merger of our businesses. Scott’s a very driven and motivated guy, and he’ll bring a ton of new energy to things,” Pier 57 founder David Woods said in a statement. “We’re gonna keep doing what we do well. But now we’re doing it together, which makes it even better.”

=============================================== Miami Boat Show Party

Posted: February 15, 2012 in News

If you plan to be @ the Miami Boat Show February 18, come out and enjoy the gathering at the Catalina Hotel & Beach Club !!!

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club
1732 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL is partners with Lucididee Fast Boats


Peters & May USA Named Preferred Freight Forwarder for Bayliner / Trophy Boats


As the two companies prepare for boat sales and shipping at the Miami International Boat Show, Peters & May USA has been awarded the contract to manage the freight forwarding and boat transport for the Brunswick Boat Group (BBG) brands of Bayliner and Trophy boats. During a comprehensive selection process, BBG approached several freight forwarders and specialist boat transport companies before choosing Peters & May for its commitment to delivering a first class service, while maintaining a competitive pricing structure.

“Brunswick Boat Group is a very important boat manufacturer in international shipping,” said Peters & May USA General Manager Anna Colavitti, “and this agreement demonstrates that BBG values our unique experience specializing in boat and yacht shipping. Our 30 years of experience along with our global network of offices and agents is what gives us the ability to provide solutions to our customers’ needs that other forwarders just can’t match.”

International Bayliner and Trophy dealers will be able to discuss shipments directly with a dedicated Account Handler and also use our WEBTRACK system to track and trace their shipments online.

Peters & May’s network of offices, including those in the UK, Asia, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UAE, will assist with the imports, while the USA office will handle all the exports from the USA.

Peters & May representatives from both sides of the Atlantic will be on hand at the Miami International Boat Show (Booth E54) to quote shipping rates for boaters and its stable of prestige boat brand already enjoying the company’s full service freight forwarding expertise.

Also at Miami, boat racing fans will be able to meet two highly accomplished racers who rely on Peters & May to get their boats and equipment to venues around the world, usually on extremely tight time lines. Unlimited Hydroplane driver JW Myers and Offshore racing legend Nigel Hook will be on hand on Friday, February 17 and Saturday February 18 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. each day greeting fans and signing autographs.

Peters & May Racing sponsors both Myers & Hook, along with many others, in what CEO David Holley calls “Marketing partnerships that truly exemplify the service levels we offer.” Peters & May has been shipping for race series and individual race teams for years, and Holley says the sport often produces great challenges beyond the race course. “Race teams often operate down to the wire on timing for a variety of reasons, or require emergency shipments of replacement parts and equipment. Racing provides us very high profile illustrations of the skills we bring to the shipping business as a whole and gives us a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are helping racers of all levels achieve their goals”.

Company Profile
Peters & May has over 30 years experience in global boat transportation and freight forwarding via air, road, rail and sea from a global network of offices and exclusive agencies. The company ships on average 6,000 vessels each year through more than 150 ports in over 60 countries.

Peters & May is the preferred transporter for many of the leading marine manufacturers and associated businesses, including Brunswick Boat Group, Sunseeker, Viking Yachts, Correct Craft & the UIM and regularly works with Beneteau, Oyster, Lewmar, Fairline Boats, Henri Lloyd, Lagoon and many others. For more information regarding the company, please visit

For more information visit or


Written by Matt Trulio Speed On The Water
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 05:13

For the entire 2012 domestic offshore racing season, the Miss Geico Racing team is offering the ResQMe belt-cutting tool free to any team—registered with any sanctioning body—running a canopied race boat. That’s the word from Marc Granet, the driver of the 50-foot-long, turbine-powered Miss Geico Mystic catamaran.

“Our first order is for 300 of them,” said Granet. “The tool has a loop on one end that racers can easily zip-tie to their life preserver or dash. All you have to go is grab it and pull it and exposes a knife similar to a letter opener. We’ve tested them at our shop and they cut through seat belt webbing like butter.

“So now there’s no excuse for anybody not to have them on their boat,” he added.

Granet said that interested teams can stop by the Miss Geico Racing shop in Riviera Beach, Fla. The Miss Geico crew also will have them on hand at every race—and they’re planning on competing in 12 events this year—they run.

“As long as they provide us with a mailing address and tell us which organization they’ll be running with, we’ll even ship them,” said Granet.

The Miss Geico team worked with Task Force Tips, a firefighting tools manufacturer and supplier, to acquire the cutters, all of which will come in highly visible “Miss Geico” fluorescent yellow.


Wednesday, 15th February 2012

The one-design P1 SuperStock USA Championship is set for a second season of exciting and highly competitive offshore powerboat racing with five events on its 2012 race schedule.

For the second consecutive year, P1 SuperStock USA teams will race in Detroit, MI and Morehead City, NC with the addition of three new venues: St. Cloud, FL, Biloxi, MS and Pittsburgh, PA.

“We were approached by a huge number of venues who are interested in bringing P1 SuperStock USA to their city,” said Martin Sanborn, P1 Director of North American Operations. “The amount of interest this series has generated throughout the U.S. is very encouraging and will be instrumental in bringing the Championship to a regional level by 2013, reverting back to the APBA regional format from the late 1990’s.”

The season starts on March 30- April 1 in St. Cloud, FL at “Spring Fling” presented by the Rotary Club of St. Cloud. This kick-off event will bring powerboat racing back to St. Cloud for the first time in three years. St. Cloud was traditionally the season opener for APBA offshore powerboat racing starting in 1983 when teams would race East Lake Toho as an exhibition race at the beginning of each season.

The second event of the season is scheduled for April 26 – 29 in Biloxi, MS for “Smokin’ the Sound.” P1 SuperStock USA joined the Offshore Super Series for “Smokin the Sound” in 2011 as an exhibition race but this year’s race will count towards teams’ overall championship score.

After a two-month break in the schedule, P1 SuperStock USA teams will travel to Pittsburgh, PA for the “Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta” on June 30 – July 1. This year will be the 35th running of the event and an estimated crowd of 600,000 spectators is expected.

Two weeks later, P1 SuperStock USA teams will return to Detroit, MI July 13 – 15 for the “2012 Detroit APBA Gold Cup” presented by the Detroit River Regatta Association and the Detroit Yacht Club. Last year, P1 SuperStock USA 2011 National Champion crew, JD Byrider, picked up their first win of the season in Detroit and hoisted the coveted Garwood trophy.

The final stop of the 2012 season is in Morehead City, NC for the 7th Annual Crystal Coast Grand Prix and the P1 SuperStock USA National Championship. Morehead City provided some of the closest and most exciting race action in 2011.

“We are excited to bring the P1 SuperStock USA National Championship to Morehead City, NC this year,” said Sanborn. “The competition was outstanding in Morehead City last year and the venue provides one of the best viewing areas of any race site. We consider Morehead City to be our home event since it’s only 90 miles from our P1 USA headquarters in Greenville, NC.”

Look for P1 SuperStock USA at the Miami International Boat Show this weekend where the P1-28SS Panther will be on display at the Marriot Biscayne Bay Hotel and Marina. Demo rides will be available for potential customers with serious interest in the boat.

P1 SuperStock USA 2012 Schedule

  • St. Cloud, Fl — March 30 – April 1
  • Biloxi, MS — April 26 – 29
  • Pittsburgh, PA — June 30 – July 1
  • Detroit, MI — July 13 – 15
  • Morehead City, NC — September 14 – 16
For more information on P1 Superstock visit:


QMSF to Build Turbine-powered Racing Boat For 2013 Racing Season

0038 Sports/ Qatar/ Other games

MIAMI (USA)February 15 (QNA) – HE Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani has announced at the Miami International Boat Show that the Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF) has agreed a partnership with Mystic Powerboats and Whispering Turbines to build the ultimate turbine-powered racing boat for the 2013 racing season.

` The exciting new ‘Spirit of Qatar’ boat will be entered in the 2013 Extreme/Turbine – Unlimited class in the United States of America.

Sheikh Hassan has been in lengthy discussions with his new partners for some time and can now confirm that the Doha-based team will run a Mystic powerboat fitted with Whispering Turbine power plants and a Five-Axis Industries transmission.

“Our idea is to expand the racing map that we participate in, as well as expanding into new race categories to become the leader in powerboat racing,” enthused Sheikh Hassan. “We have raced alongside the Miss Geico (Extreme/Turbine class) team in the past, but we were in two different classes and not far behind, even with the restricted engines we used in 2010.”

The president of the QMSF confirmed that the team will enter a single boat in 2013 and is yet to choose the cockpit line-up. “We are building this team from scratch for this class only. We may use some of our existing crew only if we can find extra time for them to work on this project. I am confident that when our team registers for the new season, we will be able to race alongside a large number of boats attracted by the entry of a new international team.”

Sheikh Hassan admits that previous experience of the OPA Offshore series was vital in his decision-making for 2013. “Racing in the USA opened our eyes to so many things, one of which is being part of an event where the social scene and interacting with other teams and people is a priority. It was also interesting that we caught everyone’s attention when we spoke about Qatar.”

The QMSF had been searching for partners to come on board for the programme and Sheikh Hassan is confident that the team will have the best package on the water for the start of the new season.
(MORE) QNA 1435 GMT 2012/02/15