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SBI 2013 Race Schedule

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Events


2013 Super Boat International Schedule
April 25-28 Smokin the Sound Super Boat Grand Prix Biloxi, MS
May 17-19 Space Coast Super Boat Grand Prix Cocoa Beach, FL
May 31-June 2 Thunder on the Beach Grand Prix Orange Beach, AL
July 5-7 Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Sarasota, FL
July 19-21 Miami Super Boat Grand Prix Miami, FL
Aug 2-4 Super Boat Great Lakes Grand Prix Michigan City, IN
Sept 6-8 New York Grand Prix  – Tribute to 911 Jersey City, NJ
Sept 27-29 Clearwater Super Boat National Championship Clearwater, FL
Nov 3-10 Key West World Championship Key West, FL


2013 OPA Racing Awards Banquet

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Events, News, Racing


Please join us on February 16th, 2013 at 7:00 pm for the 2012 OPA Awards Banquet. The Banquet is being held at the Oyster Creek Inn located in Leeds Point, NJ which is conveniently located 20 minutes from Atlantic City.​​

This year’s National Champions are:, Wazzup, Cat Can Do, Pirate Racing, Cleveland Construction, Bull on the Beach, Twin Screws/R&S Racing, Pushin-Tin & Wazzup II.

The Stugots Cup will be returning to New Jersey as the High Points Champion is

And let’s not forget about the The Biggest, The Baddest and The Heaviest Trophy in all of Offshore Racing, “The Godfather Cup”. This trophy you have to earn. Recipient of the “Godfather Cup” will be announced at the awards banquet.

We are handing out special OPA jackets to the 2012 seasons National Champions. All race teams are able to purchase OPA jackets. They are $160.00 each. Jackets must be ordered & Paid in Full by January 7, 2013. Please contact Smitty for all Jacket purchases.

The cost of the dinner is $70 per person, drinks not included. The dress code is business casual which means no ripped up jeans. Pay at the door! Cash only! NO credit cards! LIVE ENTERTAINMENT is provided by “The Switch” featuring Johnny Saris with guest appearances by Jason Saris and Louie Giancontieri.

There will be a racers meeting at 5pm-6:30pm and EVERYONE IS INVITED. This meeting will be held at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club which is 6 miles down the road from the Oyster Creek Inn. We will be reviewing new business along with some new and exciting things that are happening for the 2013 season, so please be on time for the meeting.

Unfortunately due to obligations to FEMA as a result of Super Storm Sandy, OPA is unable to secure a room block at the Stockton Seaview Hotel for this event. Please check online with the Stockton Seaview Hotel as they are advertising their own online specials.

Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club
401 South New York Road
Galloway, NJ 08205
(855) 894-8698

Oyster Creek Inn
41 N Oyster Creek Road
Leeds Point, NJ 08220


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The Coast Guard called a temporary halt Thursday to oceangoing boat races in the Bay Area in the wake of the April 14 accident that killed five crew members of a racing yacht off the Farallon Islands.

The Coast Guard said the order would affect Saturday’s Offshore Yacht Racing Association Duxship Race and a second event, the Singlehanded Sailing Society Farallones Race, scheduled for May 12.

This photo shows The Low Speed Chase, a 38-foot sailboat from the San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere, on Saturday, April 14, after it was slammed broadside by a 12-foot wave as it rounded the Farallones during the Full Crew Farallones Race. Five of eight crew members washed overboard, and the boat crashed into the rocks.

Saturday’s race has already been rerouted inside San Francisco Bay, and Coast Guard officials will work with organizers of the May 12 race to find an alternate course within the boundary line between Point Bonita in Marin County and Lands End in San Francisco, said Coast Guard spokesman Mike Lutz.

A safety review by US Sailing, the governing body of yacht racing, should be completed before the next scheduled offshore race on May 25, he said.

Five of the eight crew members of the 38-foot racing boat Low Speed Chase were killed when the vessel was rolled over by a large wave and smashed into the rocks of South Farallon Island. The accident took place during a race over a 54-mile round-trip course between San Francisco and the offshore islands, a route where boating competitions have been held since 1907.

“This temporary safety stand-down from offshore racing will allow the Coast Guard and the offshore racing community to further our common safety goals,” Capt. Cynthia Stowe, the Coast Guard’s commanding officer in San Francisco, said in a statement.


as posted on OSS Website

Smokin’ $50,000.00 Purse – Feb 24, 2012

Smokin’ the Sound (STS) Race Producer, Woody Bailey, announced that STS 2012 will feature a $50,000.00 purse and will offer a tow incentive of $1,000.00 to each of the first thirty teams that sign up for OSS / APBA National Class Races. “This makes the purse twenty five percent higher than the last couple of years and the tow monies come just in time to make it easier for more boats to come to Biloxi. We look forward to welcoming the teams that have been here in the past and hope those that haven’t been to Smokin’ will now come and experience the red carpet treatment that STS and the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers.” said Bailey. STS will be held April, 26-29, 2012 in Biloxi. Some of the additional amenities of STS are the Casino Hotels hosting different parties and events. The Thursday night festivities at the Beau Rivage kick off the weekend with a Sponsor Appreciation Party. This event offers sponsors and VIP’s the opportunity to meet the racers over cocktails and features a hot buffet. Other parties and events are planned at the Palace, Isle and Hard Rock. Details of all the events will be in the racers packet being released soon.

Also adding to the savings to race in 2012, the Offshore Super Series (OSS) will suspend its hull registration fees and lower all memberships to ten dollars ($10.00) per person for the year. This move will save a team at least $2,100.00. Anyone racing STS will need to be a member of APBA; $150.00 for an annual riding crew / $60.00 non-riding or $55.00 for a single event membership. The OSS Board approved entry fees of $1,500.00 for OSS/APBA National classes and $750.00 for ProAM classes. This year, the ProAM classes will be allowed to compete for a portion of the advertised purse of each event. Past 2010, 2011 OSS members will be rewarded for their loyalty with discounted entry fees. For more information on fee structures for 2012, please visit the Official OSS website and see the 2012 General Rules.

Alert: Special Event for all Offshore Racers! STS will host an APBA/UIM sanctioned Kilo Run Saturday morning; the first offshore kilo in almost a decade. Any APBA offshore class member is eligible to take a run in an effort to set a new record. The Smokin’ Poker Run will return for those pleasure boaters that want to visit the different sites on the Gulf Coast. Poker Runners whose boats fit into the description of either a ProAM or National class will have a chance to run the Kilo for an Official Certificate of Speed.

The OSS 2012 Season is dedicated to the memory of Joey Gratton, with the J.O.E.Y. (Join Our Energy this Year / Race with Spirit) Campaign to raise awareness of the Joey Gratton Foundation. Joey was lost this past November in a racing accident. His wife Priscilla, their twin boys Brock and Blake along with their families are planning to be in attendance. The “Boys” will be racing in the Peters and Mays P1 entry to honor their father’s winning energy and spirit.

OSS is a not for profit association dedicated to the advancement of the further development and growth of offshore powerboat racing in North America.

For more information please visit:, or


Prize Money and Tow Money Distribution Smokin the Sound 2012
Biloxi, Mississippi

Tow Money: $30,000.00

$1,000.00 per entry will be distributed to the first thirty (30) entries as tow money. Eligibility will be based on the date of postmark with the 30 earliest postmarked entries being guaranteed tow money. Powerboat P-1 Panther Class is ineligible for tow money.

Prize Money: $50,000.00

$50,000.00 prize money will be distributed among the National and Pro-Am Classes with the exception of the Powerboat P-1 Panthers. Division of prize money will be made on a pro-rata basis with National Classes receiving 100% of their pro-rata share and Pro-AM Classes receiving 50% of their pro-rata share. The 50% of unused prize money from Pro-Am will be re-distributed among the National Classes. Individual class purses will be based on the number of entries in the class. All classes except Super Vee Lite pay 3 places; 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) , and 3rd (20%). Super Vee Lite pays 5 places; 1st (45%), 2nd (25%), 3rd (15%), 4th (10%), and 5th (5%). Three or more boats in a class pays 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize money. Two (2) boats in a class pays 2nd and 3rd place prize money. One boat in a class pays 3rd place prize money. Any unused prize money is returned to the conducting club.

Super Cat 2 entries
Super Cat Lite 4 entries
Super Vee Unl. 4 entries
Super Vee Lite 8 entries
Super Stock 6 entries
Pro-Am -1 2 entries
Pro-Am – 2 3 entries
Pro-AM – 3 4 entries
Pro-AM – 4 4 entries
Pro-AM – 5 3 entries
40 total entries (24 National Class and 16 Pro-Am Class boats)

Based on 40 total entries, on a pro-rata basis, each entry is worth $1250.00

National Class Prize money = $40,000.00
(24 x $1250.00 + 16 x 625.00)
24 National Class entries worth $1666.00 each
Super Cat Purse = 2 x $1666.00 or $3332.00
Super Cat Lite Purse = 4 x $1666.00 or $6664.00
Super Vee Unl. Purse = 4 x $1666.00 or $6664.00
Super Vee Lite Purse = 8 x $1666.00 or $13,328.00
Super Stock Purse = 6 x $1666.00 or $9996.00

Pro-AM Class Prize Money = $10,000.00
(16 x $625.00)
16 Pro-Am Class entries worth $625.00 each
P-1 Purse = 2 x $625.00 or $1250.00
P-2 Purse = 3 x $625.00 or $1875.00
P-3 Purse = 4 x $625.00 or $2500.00
P-4 Purse = 4 x $625.00 or $2500.00


Jacksonville Cancelled for 2012

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Events, News

Feb 25, 2012 posted by SUPERBOAT

We regret to inform that newly scheduled race in Jacksonville for 2012 has been removed from the schedule. We were unable to accept moving the race from the river to offshore, which would have been a 20 idle for race boats. Every effort to work with the local group in attempt to save the race was attempted. We hope we can set 2013 as the inaugural year.


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Offshore Sites from 2011

  • Biloxi, MS (OSS)
  • Cocoa Beach, FL (SBI)
  • Miami, FL (SBI)
  • Sunny Isles Beach, FL (OPA)
  • Sarasota, FL (SBI)
  • St Clair, MI (OPA)
  • Port Huron, MI (OPA)
  • Michigan City, IN (SBI)
  • New York, NY (SBI)
  • Morehead City, NC (P1)
  • Solomons Island, MD (OPA)
  • Clearwater, FL (SBI)
  • Orange Beach, AL (OPA)
  • Key West, FL (SBI)
  • Detroit, MI (APBA/GoldCup)

(Poll has been running for approximately 1 month.  Poll will end on April 8, 2012 and results posted on April 9, 2012.

Race Date:  September 11, 2011



  1. 21 Cintron
  2. 8 GASSE


  1. 41 Two Cocks Fighting Apparel


  1. V-01 Instigator


  1. 13 Stihl
  2. 33 Loriblu


  1. 107 Absolutely Not
  2. 411 Octane


  1. P1-30 Twisted Metal
  2. P1-29 Cleveland Construction
  3. P1-12 Sheds Plus


  1. P3-8 Team Kilt


  1. 568 Immaculata Mighty Macs
  2. P4-1 Team Velocity
  3. P4-00 Peter’s & May
  4. P4-30 Dare Devil


  1. P6-23 Country Service Auto Trans

New York Super Boat Grand Prix

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Events, News, Racing

Race Date:  September 11, 2011


New York and New Jersey Race Fans Treated to Great Superboat Race

posted by SUPER BOAT INTERNATIONAL on September 13, 2011

KEY WEST, Fla (September 13, 2011) On the weekend of the 10-year Anniversary of 9/11, Super Boat International (SBI) race teams took to the Hudson River and it was Team Cintron taking the overall win. To accommodate Liberty State Park representatives and government officials, SBI completed their day of racing by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday September 10th out of respect for the families attending the special event.

With perfect conditions, teams raced the 5-mile course in record setting time and excited fans on both the New Jersey and New York waterfronts. Team Cintron, throttled by Rich Wyatt and driven by Hugh Fuller, ran some incredible lap speeds and led all boats flag to flag. The silver 50’ Superboat screamed across the top of the water maneuvering around slower boats and debris in the water. The debris played havoc on many teams’ props and rudders, but fortunately didn’t cause much structural damage to boats.

Super Boat International has been racing here for over two decades and to be at the Statue of Liberty, racing with New York as the backdrop, is an awesome feeling. No one felt more humble and a part of history than Super Boat International founder, John Carbonell. “Today was very interesting… with all the law enforcement present for today’s event, I felt safer here than anywhere else I’ve been. With the SWAT vehicles, all the special equipment and everything that has surrounded this 911 ceremony, it makes me feel very proud to put on a race and be a part of this. The local organizers called me a couple of months ago and asked if I would move up the event and, without hesitation, I said yes. I was sure by having produced events for so many years, it wouldn’t be a problem to get the race off and completed early. Our team did a great job, from the guys at the rig, to the team on the water and the race control staff… everyone worked together to make this a wonderful event,” comments Carbonell after Saturday’s race.

Some teams honored those affected by 911 with special decals on their race boats. In particular, one team had large decals adorning the engine hatches and the sides of their boat, Team STIHL Offshore Racing. Tough as steel, Team STIHL battled Loriblu all day and ultimately came away with a win, but it wasn’t without trailing behind the white MTI for most of the race. “We just hung in there. As the morning went on and the water got rougher, our boat started coming to us little by little,” commented JR Noble owner/driver of Team STIHL.

Team Cintron’s driver Hugh Fuller comments, “It was a really great race for us out there. The team did awesome; we had very fast motors and just worked our way around the track all day. We lapped some boats a couple times… we were just flat out hauling. It was a good day for Team Cintron.”
The weekend’s other class winners included: Two Cocks Fighting Apparel (Superboat Vee Extreme), Team Instigator (Superboat Vee Unlimited), Absolutely Not (Superboat Vee Limited), Twisted Metal Motorsports (P1), Team Kilt (P3), Immaculata Mighty Macs (P4).

The next race on the Super Boat International race series heads to Clearwater Beach, Florida. This year’s 3rd Bright House National Championships is expected to see record crowds. Teams will start arriving Thursday September 29th to Coachman Park, where race teams will set up their equipment and boats. Fans are encouraged to come to the park to see all their favorite teams and join in the weekend’s events. Teams will test on Saturday October 1st and race Sunday the 2nd. The first race is scheduled for 12:00 and the second race begins approximately 2:00 pm.

all photos by LucidideeFastBoats

released:  August 26, 2011

Due to Hurricane Irene the race in Sayville, NY has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled

Race Date:  August 7, 2011

VIEW All PHOTOS of ME in the International Offshore PowerBoat Race

In all my years of offshore boating, I never been behind the wheel in an offshore race.  Well, today was the day I got to change that.  Trent Weyant of TnT Racing gave me (Doreen Ungarten aka Dee) the opportunity to finally race.

My debut was in the International Offshore Powerboat Race in Port Huron, MI/ Sariai, Ont, Can.

I drove the 29′ Fountain Fever F1  with a Merury 500 EFI in Class 4 (85 mph bracket class).  Rob Lauer was the man behind the throttle (#530 Whoz Your Daddy).  Out of 5 boats, well, we came in 5th place.

Thank you to all for helping me in finally getting out on the course!!!!


photos coutesy of Petrick Studios, RaceGirl 3, Ron Polli & Kim Crockett

Race Date:  August 7, 2011

VIEW OVER 450 PHOTOS from the International Offshore PowerBoat Race


  1. 77 AMSOIL


  1. V-6 Strictly Business
  2. V-1 Wazzup


  1. 105 Lightning Jacks
  2. 129 Cleveland Construction
  3. 77 AMSOIL

360 Bull on the Beach
323 Time Bandit
301 Car Plugs

487 Jersey Outlaw
401 Simmons Racing
411 Octane
415 Peter’s & May


  1. 512 Specialized Racing
  2. 568 Immaculata Mighty Macs
  3. 555 Adrenaline Rush
  4. 530 Whoz Your Daddy
  5. 517 Saris Racing
  6. 546 Optima Batteries

Class 600

  1. 669 Tyler Crockett Marine Engines
  2. 607 Akula
  3. 633 Wazzup II
  4. 670 Knot Guilty
  5. 611 Joker Powerboats
  6. 623 Country Service
  7. 606 Lock’Up
  8. 619 PFE Racing

all photos by LucidideeFastBoats

Race Date:  August 7, 2011

VIEW OVER 450 PHOTOS from the International Offshore PowerBoat Race

Port Huron and Sarnia team up for International Offshore Powerboat Race

written by James Tyler for the St. Clair County Examiner on August 4, 2011

Port Huron is getting ready for another weekend of boat racing.

Only this time, the boats are going to go across the St. Clair River much faster.

Just a few weeks after hosting the Mackinac Sailboat Race, the city has teamed up with neighboring Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to host the first-ever International Offshore Powerboat Race.

Just last weekend, people on both sides of the water were able to watch powerboat racing during the St. Clair River Classic.
“We’re very excited to be partnering with our sister country, Canada,” said LeeAnn Peart, Director of Downtown Port Huron. “It will be allowing the boats to stay in our region for another week and celebrate another race. Of course, everyone wins with that: the hotels, the restaurants and all the establishments. So we’re very excited to be bringing it here [for] back-to-back [weekends].

Peart said the idea was suggested to her by Dave Brown, who operates the Sarnia and Bridgeview Marinas in Canada. She said she thought it was a good idea and so did the racers.

“They were ecstatic,” Pear said. “They’ve wanted to race here for quite a while.”

The three-day event is free and will be held at Desmond Landing, located at Water and First Streets in Port Huron. Parking is $5 for any one wanting to park at the site. It is free to park anywhere else.

Race Village opens up at 2 p.m. on Friday. There will be street and food vendors, a beer tent and performances by live bands throughout the weekend.
Following the opening ceremonies that start at 6 p.m., the Detroit Caribbean and Reggae band, “The Roots Vibration,” will perform.

Race Village will open at noon on Saturday. There will be live bands on stage throughout the day.

On Sunday, Race Village opens at 10 a.m. with the race getting underway at noon.

Starting at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, the Black River entrance into the St. Clair will be closed off to boaters. It will reopen at 6:30 p.m.
Port Huron just held Boat Week two weeks ago prior to the sailboat race. It’s carnival-like atmosphere brought thousands of people into Port Huron and the city is hoping they’ll come back.

“I’m hoping that they are going to come down and share the experience of the city,” Peart said. “We’ve had numerous sponsors on both sides of the water step up and contribute so we don’t have to charge people to come to this.”

Peart said that Port Huron and Sarnia have come together in the past for a fireworks display. But they have never joined forces for an event of this size.

“We have worked together as a team. It’s a great feeling all the way,” Peart said. “We have worked very well together and they are as excited as we are and we’re hoping that this is the start of some new adventures between us.”

The race will be a measuring stick to see if future joint-events like this will take place. Peart said they want to get through this one first and see what opportunities will come up down the road.

“We share these beautiful, blue waters and we need to take more advantage of that,” Peart said.

all photos by LucidideeFastBoats